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so I'm trying to have tell the servo to goto a certain position when the arduino receive a letter over the serial port, It kind of works but not really, the servo moves to its position but goes back and doesn't really respond afterward, I have the led go high and low to verify its receiving the letter and attempting to write the servo position, but that's not working either.

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#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;

const int ledPin = 13;
int incomingByte;

void setup(){
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);


void loop()

if (Serial.available() > 0) {

incomingByte = Serial.read();

if (incomingByte == 'H') {
  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); 

if (incomingByte == 'L') {
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);




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Is your baud rate from the IDE same as that in the program?  If you force incoming byte to be H in the code, does the servo move? How are you powering the servo?
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Try leaving out the If(Serial.Available() > 0) and then maybe add a 5 millisecond delay. Not sure if you need the delay though, try it with the delay and without


Try leaving out the If(Serial.Available() > 0)

No don't.

Change the incoming byte variable to a char.


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