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The BizzyBee Breadboard with with Built in Arduino is now available on Kickstarter, if you would like to find the configuration that best suits your needs, please visit http://kck.st/WbiSck

The BZB Breadboard with built-in Arduino compatible microcontroller is a great exploration station to Learn, Invent or Create Your Vision, Your Art or Your Next World-changing Idea, it is only limited by your imagination what you can do.

Please join us at Kickstarter, http://kck.st/WbiSck to grab your BizzyBee today


Cool product!  It's not clear what you get with BZB1?


Thanks Sbright33, we are very proud of it.

I responded to your question in the other thread here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,127060.msg956466.html#msg956466.

Thanks for the feedback, Ill see if I can add some info to the description of the BZB1 to make it clearer.


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