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I have made the simple circuit following the directions on the Bare Conductive site, and have uploaded the sample code to my arduino uno. I am finding that the circuit is not responding as it should i.e. in the serial monitor I just get a high value for the sensor pin 2 that does not seem related to touching the paint, so I am wondering where I went wrong in constructing the circuit? I have checked all the connections, all seems fine, the resistor I am using is a 10kOhm which is also ok I think...
here is a sample reading on my serial monitor...
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Lack of help on this thread is due to you not:-
1) Posting a link to the tutorial you are doing.
2) Posting the code you are using
3) Posting a photo of your set up so we can see what you have done and try and see where it is wrong.
My crystal ball says you have not connected the green wire, but that is a load of crystals.

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