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Oct 14, 2012, 03:22 pm Last Edit: Oct 14, 2012, 04:22 pm by Twixy Reason: 1
I have registered my username as 'Twinky'.

Your captcha is impossible. I have typed in my two words on the registration for OVER 40 TIMES.

It will not let me register.

I've only completed half the registration on Twixy (The second captcha doesn't work either yet somehow its letting me use the forum).

Please would you fix it. I am absollutely FURIOUS. I have just spent 15 minutes trying repeatedly and evan rang MAPLIN in the UK to get your phone number. Of course, Dangi do not want us contacting anyone and there are no phone numbers on the arduino box, no phone numbers on the arduino website, NOTHING.

Are you really trying to p*ss people off?

I buy your product and you won't even ****ing let me register.

My original TWINKY account is still not useable.


Just to add, this account 'Twixy' is my second attempt and the same shit happened again.

Eventually it accepted my captcha (i think on the 11th or 12th attempt) and even then, sent an email to me, i clicked it and got ANOTHER captcha which refused to work. When I finally gave up and went to store.arduino.cc to find contact details (again well hidden) I suddenly find the site recognises 'Twixy' even though I have not completed registration.

This system is fucked up.

I also performed a whois on arduino.cc and found Cuartielles, David david.cuartielles@k3.mah.se as the contact.

I emailed him and got a mailer daemon error - No MX or A records for k3.mah.se

Why don't you want your customers to contact you? Why do you not want new people on this forum?


The 'contact us' link is on the front page of the site. You do have to scroll to the bottom, but it's hardly 'hidden'.

Which OS/browser are you using?

I can't say I had any trouble when registering. I do agree though, captchas are really annoying, but that's true anywhere. Given that there are over 149000 members, it wouldn't appear to be a major issue.


I found the contact us but its a web form no phone number. £40 is a lot for a bit of hardware, I would expect to be able to register on the forums with a bit more ease than that.

Browsers: SeaMonkey and Firefox. Never had any trouble with captchas in either of them unless they're from re-captcha who's standards have gone right down the pan.

Even the audio captcha was impossible to understand. I tried that multiple times. There is so much background hiss in it that you can't recognise anything.

As for David Cuartielles, you would think that he would have a valid email address especially as its listed as 'Technical Contact'.


There are a number of email addresses at http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ContactUs. I would imagine David would get the 'team' emails at least.

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