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All i found was the contact us on store.arduino.cc which had a form so thanks for that i have emailed info@

I am still shocked that arduino / dangi / sparkfun have made it so difficult to register and use this forum.


Not sure who dangi are, but if you have an official Arduino, it has nothing to do with anyone other than Arduino. I'm not sure what caused your problem, but I certainly didn't have any trouble, and a site search didn't seem to turn up any similar posts.


dangi (according to maplin) are the distributors. When i hit google with dangi it brings up store.arduino.cc

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The forum software gets stuck at the captcha when you try to register a name already in-use...


No it doesn't because it kept getting stuck for this username 'Twixy' and yet here I am (eventually) with it so how could it be already in use?

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