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This project use an Arduino connected to the TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND and allow it to control home appliances from network.
See my website for more details: http://ediy.com.my/index.php/projects/item/42-wireless-router-home-automation

As shown in figure below is the startup screen from browser.

When program start, it query Arduino and display image on screen according to the status of Arduino.
Click on image1 to image8 to toggle Arduino output.
Click on image9 to query Arduino

I'm using LED to test the  functionality.

After everything is tested without problem, the 8 channel relay box is use to handle large loads. http://ediy.com.my/index.php/projects/item/43-8-channel-relay-box
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Very nicely executed! From the clean and well organized layout and installation in the electrical enclosure to the beautifully crafted web interface.


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