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Are there any alternatives to the TellyMate shield? I want to impliment it perminately, but I don't want to "waste" $30....


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I want to impliment it perminately, but I don't want to "waste" $30....

I own a TellyMate and think it's a very nice product at a fair price. That aside they did publish the design and code so you are free to build your own. It will run off a AVRmega8, 168 or 328 althought some of the newer software functions (expanded fonts) require the larger memory space of the 168 & 328.

How much do you wish to waste for a video interface?  ;)



Well, I wanted to build my own... I knew that I would be able to copy the schematic, but I didn't know that the code was available... Is it arduino or avr?


due to the very tight timing requirements its avr, but I think there is a hex file so you can just load up the isp sketch and upload though avrdude


Have you tried the tvout library?:


I haven't used it personally, but from the demos I have seen, its fairly nice...


I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


Yes use my library ;)
Depends on what you are doing though making a tellemate would be better for text where as TVout is more suited to general graphics.

If you do use TVout I would suggest using the version found in the source section and not one of the ones in a zip file as the pinout has changed and I have a working Serial library.


Just as an example, you could look up the Hackvision by nootropic design to show what is being done with the TVout library  :)

Using that library on another chip you could make your own tv shield realtively cheap.



You can also run a second Arduino as a dedicated TellyMate...

I guess it boils down to wether your preference is for graphics or text.
The TellyMate is primarily a text output device. Any 'graphics' output is done by redefining the character set.
The TVout solution is primarily graphics output (but text is clearly possible!).

There's also a kit version of the TellyMate available now.
I would not call it a 'shield', but it will straddle the Arduino if required.
It's a few quid cheaper than the Shield - Google's currency conversion says it'd be around 20USD including P&P.

Here's a picture of it straddling my Roboduino variant:


Well, can someone point me to the code for the tellymate?



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