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DuaneB: Linking back here is fine, I don't have a website (yet).  I just had a go at building your version using an RGB LED, it looks cool 8) Try wiring up one of the tune select inputs to an LED output - it usually sounds terrible but sometimes you get funky mashups of two of the tunes  :smiley-mr-green: (All the tunes are working, although tune 4 needs you to press reset to get it to start.)


   I saw that I had my buttons connected out of order so yes, your right they do all work.

   As for pressing reset, I should really add a reset of the counter when ever the tune number changes.

   I will update my blog post and comments over the weekend, I will also add support for Leonardo's the timer output is connected to a different pin than it is on UNOs.

   The blog post is here -


Duane B.

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