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Atmel or Altera?  ;)

Atmel ATF1508AS-10JU84.  Yes, they are a tiny player in CPLDs but they have one in a easy to use package at least.


My only experience with CPLDs so far is a Xilinx xc9572xl, also in a PLCC, which I used as a decoder/counter for rotary encoders.  I wanted it to have 4 channels and 16 bits but run out of room and have only been able to fit 3 channels at 15 bits (i.e. each rotary encoder channel drives a 15 bit counter, one of which is selected to the outputs at any given time by a 2 line input).  Xilinx has nothing larger in PLCC so I am hoping the Atmel fills this void.  Too bad their software doesn't look very advanced compared to ISE Webpack which was so easy to use even I could figure it out and go from no knowledge to being able to pull off the described project in a few evenings.
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I placed a samples order yesterday and received a shipping confirmation today.

2 each of 328 DIP -PU and P-PU
2 each of 644 DIP -PU and P-PU
2 each 1284 DIP
2 each AtTiny85

As long as you use a corporate email and delivery address and explain the use then it seems smooth enough.

The 1284 is what I was really after as RS Components don't have any stock until the new year. I live about 2 miles from their head office.

I'm looking forward to playing with the freebies and experimenting with bootloader burning and some stripboard builds before designing some PCB's for protoyping via recommended Chinese PCB manufacturers.


I used my website's email, but I gave them my home address for company and ship-to address and I didn't have problem getting samples.


It's been awhile since I tried to get anymore samples, but I heard about the TLC5947 and had to try and grab some for testing.

Just got 3 by Fedex 2nd day.  Going to start laying out a PCB for these and see how good they are.


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