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It is easy to use a pocketavr, just plug it into the USB connector and ISP connector and you're ready.

However, there is a disadvantage:
If you want to use serial.print for example. ,when you want to see what's going on you have to disconnect the avrprogrammer and plug in a USB / Serial converter. And if you want to make changes to your sketch, you must disconnect the USB / serial and connect your avr programs again.

this can be done much simpler by using Coding Badly's TinyISP


With that you can leave all wires where they are, and just open the serial monitor, almost like you're used to from an Arduino Uno


Thanks guys, I managed to get it all done today, works perfectly... Except I stupidly made it only power from the ISP pins when the button is pressed, haha. Took a couple of tries to realize that.

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