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Coding Badly

There are two possibilities left...

1. There is a mistake in your wiring.

2. RESET has been disabled.

What happens to the target when you connect a low value resistor (like 220 ohms) from RESET to GND?  Does the target reset?


The setup works with another single ATtiny.
Connecting a 470 resistor between Reset and GND has no effect.

Coding Badly

Assuming the processor's Vcc is 5 volts, if the pull-up resistor on RESET is 10 K? then a 470 ? resistor from RESET to ground should bring the voltage on RESET to 0.22 volts.  0.1Vcc is the guaranteed low threshold which is 0.50 volts.  In this scenario the 470 ? resistor is guaranteed to reset the processor.

If the pull-up resistor on RESET is 4.7 K? then a 470 ? resistor from RESET to ground should bring the voltage to 0.45 volts.  Still below the threshold.

If the pull-up resistor on RESET is 4230 ? the voltage is 0.5 volts.  The lowest value that still guarantees a reset.

It seems very likely that RESET has been disabled.  To eliminate all doubt, you could try a lower value resistor.  Were I in your shoes, I wouldn't bother.

Tom Carpenter

If the reset is disabled you might want to look at this:

It is an arduino based programmer that allows you to reset the fuse bytes even if the reset pin has been disabled.

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