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Hi people, i finished my first project!  :P Its an arduino based midi controller. 3x8 channel multiplexers fed into the arduino and with a usb midi converter its connected to the PC. Arduino is powered via the usb cable the converter uses.
Heres a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf3Ij5n1Cp0:
If you want i could add the code and the schematics!


awesome sounding (and looking) first project !

You definitely need to blog what you've done


thank you :)
I have some pics of the building process, but i dont really know how and where to make a blog. If i get some free time (university started) i will put some pictures here :)


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ok pics time ! :)
In the beginning it started with 2 buttons that via the arduino usb cable and a software Serial2Midi converter, it performed simple MIDI on off

Then it grew up to be 1 multiplexer wired with 6 pots and those same 2 buttons

Then the desire of more buttons and knobs came and a diy arduino shield was born (Such a genious board arduino is, such  a stupid error to make the spacing awkward :-/. With longer headers and some crafty bending its fixable.)

This is the final layout, box is made from 3mm thick very dense fibre board i found on the street. (Someone had thrown away his kitchen drawers and stuff)

Everything in place ready for soldering. It looks like a mess, but i prefer to call it controlled chaos :D

Close up of the circuitboard - 10 debounce circuits for the 10 buttons

Everything soldered in place :)

And the box closed.


Here is the code for the midi controller.

Here is the debug code for the controller, helps alot.

If someone wants the schematic, let me know.
I know everything is not fancy and shiny, but hey thats my first box i made and the first arduino project i made.
Many thanks to Addidis for helping me go through all of this :)

ps. sorry for the pics being as url but they are too big.


Very impressive indeed!

I am planning to make a less ambitious MIDI controller to drive  12 pushbuttons (on/off) and 1 analog output (volume)

I would be interested in some details about the multiplexer (hardware, software and model) and the debounce circuits.

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Hello to all Arduino and Ableton fans !  :)

Spoocter, thank you for sharing your project with us. I found this usefull page just when I need schematic and informations about multiplexing pots, because I'm also building a midi controller.
I woud be very gratefull if you send me a mail with schematic (nemanjanekic87@gmail.com).
Please, tell me value of the every ressistor that you use.

I have also a few questions. Is it possible to do it without a midi cable, using Serial to midi converter(program), and is the code same then?
Can I use Arduino Mega or Arduino Duemilanove with this code(I have both)?


hallo! topic has not be posted for along time, i was wondering whether you manage to make the jog-wheels for this midi controller spoocter?



How did you map Arduino in Virtual DJ? Please answer.

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