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I've searched high and low for a solid answer on the difference between PWM and PLL modes on the L298p motor shield

Up where it's labelled control mode selection it allows you to pick between these modes. I've studied the L298 datasheet for a few hours and for the most part have everything figured out with the exception of these modes. I've hooked up a scope to both modes and couldn't see any noticeable difference between the two. What are the pro's and con's of each mode?

In the motor shield spec, it also calls for a common ground when using an external power supply. My reasons for doing so are more design than practical as this is a school project. Being able to claim lower noise and showing that with a scope in the accompanying report will look better imo. Aside from the logistics for my choice, do I just run the ground from each power source together and then to their respective grounds (external power motor shield ground/arduino ground)?


There's no PLL mode in the L298, its just a dumb H-bridge.  You can use
slow decay, fast decay or synchronous rectification modes, perhaps that's what you are
fishing for?
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