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HI I need some advice on a project im starting strictly for fun.  I'm new with the platform and a novice and coding in C.   Background.  Some dolt dropped a POLYCOM video conference unit and shattered the case.  I've been moving this around the office with a little hat on it just for fun (Strange I know).    Ill attach a photo if i can.  Anyways.  My thought is.  if could pan tilt the camera on this thing and play some sounds and it would double the fun  so I  opened it and discovered its a Sony D-30-l Camera which accepts rs-232 commands to move it. I had expeted to have to drive some steppers but cool serial seems easy enough but I cant seem to makesense of how serial works on this thing.

Parts i have or have ordered

Arduino uno rev 3
ADAFUITE Waveshield

I basically want it to work like the pumpkin code here http://www.ladyada.net/make/pumpkin/pumpkin.pde

any ideas on my project before I start.    The part that doesn't make sense to me about the serial connection is.  Are PIN 1 and 2 Shared with the USB serial?  If i program serial like shown in the pumpkin example will it leave on PIN's 1 and 2?  If i mess up the program how is the computer able to reprogram the unit?

Also any other ideas to make this more fun?  Lasers?


:D Nice.

Short answer: Yes, USB serial uses pins 1 and 2.

Why can it reprogram if messed up? I assume its because the Arduino is always reset before reprogramming, so it can pretty much always get access to reprogram on boot-up.

You could use the http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/SoftwareSerial library to communicate using different pins.

Heh, lasers are ALWAYS a good idea.
I could see how motion sensing or tracking might be beneficial here too.

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