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Tank has two Arduino mini's, one for main control; the other for generating sound.  The tank is driven around by gamepad attached to a computer, communicating to the arduino controller onboard the tank via bluetooth.  Being 1/35 in scale, it is small, roughly palm-sized.  It has independent suspension, active inertial calculation and simulation, metal tracks, and ball-bearings for all running wheels and support rollers.  Thanks for watching.


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Hi, The tank looks great with the inertia, is it build from a motorized kit or did you motorize a scale model - either way it looks great

EDIT: I guess this is you - http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_11261404/tm.htm

Are you using servos or something for the active suspension or just the weight of the tank ? It looks like there is a lot going on here how about some more on what you started out with so that we can appreciate what has gone into this - the modellers seem impressed.

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Read this
then watch this



Ditto Ditto I want two one for the Grandson and one for me ! Awesome fire mechanisms and suspension

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