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I am trying the ADXL335 (sparkfun) breakout board with Arduino Mega, using the example sketch that comes with the Arduino environment.

I get random data, and when I disconnect the X, Y, Z wires the randomness remains. So, no readings  :(

When I looked around, I found an ADXL335 sparkfun note (http://wiring.org.co/learning/basics/accelerometer.html) which says - connecting it to 5V will cause permanent damage. I am new to Arduino - I know there is 5V on the board, but the wiring for the example sketch is through Analog Inputs. Anyway - is the board now permamently damaged? And if I get a new one, how do I not damage it?


If you connected the power pin of the breakout board to the Arduino's 3.3V pin you should be OK.  The analog input pins don't output 5V so they should be safe.

If you follow the Wiring example you should be getting consistent values.  How 'random' are the values you are getting?

Check your wiring.  Random analog values often mean the analog input pin is not connected.
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