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Hello All,

My local electronics shop was closing down and had a throw away sale. managed to get my hands on 12 nokia replacement LCD's for $2 

The only problem is, I have no idea what controller they use or the pinout for it.

All I know so far is :

1. Belong to Nokia C1-00 / C100
2. 12 connections
3. Resolution 128x160 65K colors (from nokia website)
4. Pin 1,4,9,12 - GND
5. Pin 10 - LED+
6. Pin 11 - LED-

Can someone help me identify this LCD and its controller ?

Many Thanks


yep .. thats the website from where i got the GND and LED pin numbers.


well, since you have 12 of them, do you mind possibly burning one up?
other Nokia LCD's need Clock, DataIn, Data/Command, Reset and ChipSelect. since the pins need to be defined in the sketch, you could make some assumptions and try changing the #define section each time and test the display. it may take a while but from the picture on the above website; it looks like 2 pins and four pins so maybe that's the place to start.
Of course if you just happen to blow up the world doing this, I probably wont know it. :D


hehe ... call me greedy but ill keep that as the last resort !

after more research i think this LCD is also compatible with Nokia models
as indicated on the pages http://www.lelong.com.my/enjoys-original-lcd-display-screen-nokia-c1-01-c1-02-1661-1800-5030c-enjoys-K1007630-2007-01-Sale-I.html and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nokia-1616-1661-1662-1800-5030-LCD-Display-Screen-Panel-/250879666526. The pics on the page also look like the LCD i have.

In both the images on both the links there are markings on the back of the LCD. maybe this could help identify the LCD ?



I hate when they put so many numbers on the labels.  =(


I hate when they put so many numbers on the labels.

I'm too old to twist my head enough to read all those numbers.  I can't seem to focus on the earlier pictures either.  I think my time will be more productive helping somebody else.



For Nokia Display 5:Nokia C1-01 1661 1662 1616 1800 5030 Display

Visit the website


Super late but I finally got around to working with this TFT.
Its used in Nokia Model C100 and uses SPFD54124 display controller. More information can be found at http://www.amobbs.com/thread-5099383-1-1.html.
Not very hard to interface with. Below its interfaced with Atmega8L displaying the EBU test pattern


Hi for all, i have one lcd identical this. howto pinout on arduino uno ? and the library ?
Best regards
Rafael Avila


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Hi everyone I have the same LCD with the SPFD54124B controller I would like help to make it work with my arduino one.

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have you check this page?


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