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Hi guys, I have a UNO and want to interface it with a TFT display. Everything is fine except for the limited space available for storing the sketch. Has someone here faced the same situation and trimmed the UTFT library. If yes, then please share it with me as I don't have much time to finish my project and this would really help me to get things done a lot quicker.


1) make a backup copy of the UTFT library.
2) edit the .h file and remove all the methods you do not use.  (comment them  with // is more flexible ;)
3) edit the .cpp file and comment all the corresponding code //
4) restart the IDE, load your sketch and compile again.

If you still are in memory trouble, you can minimize other modules. (are you sure the TFT lib is the big memory eater?)

You can also post your sketch so we can help you refactor it.

Rob Tillaart

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@robtillaart Followed your advice and now the sketch size has almost reduced to half. Thanks a lot.  :)

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