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Topic: Rigging an electronic switch for a salvaged Mac 8100 power supply (Read 956 times) previous topic - next topic


I salvaged a power supply out of my ancient Mac 8100. (it's an Apple 614 0012 200W Power Supply Power SMP 220DB 8100 Series).

At first I was baffled about how to turn it on but eventually came across the post below. With some trial and error I was able to identify the correct pins to trigger the relay (I guess) which turns the supply on and off.

My question: A momentary 5 volts is sufficient to turn the supply on so I am wondering what kind of switch I should use. Specifically, would a DTSP switch which applies continuous 5v power to the 'on' pin cause damage? Those switches are cheaper and easier to find than momentary DTSP switches. This is a nice project power supply and I don't want to burn it out through a silly mistake.


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