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A R/C servo converted to continuous rotation is indeed just a variable speed/direction DC motor driving a gear train. The reason most likely they are popular for modification is economical as the large volume of servo sales means there are lots and lots of sizes, gear material options (metal, plastic, etc) at good prices. Also interfacing to a modifed servo is a lot simpler then having to design or build a motor driver board.

I do think that a few of the major servo manufacture do sell servos already modified for continuous rotation but you will have to search out or you can ask around at the below R/C forum link. The modification can be botched so be careful on how you proceed selecting one and what procedure you use.




DC Gear motors OTHER than RC servos are hard to find outside of the surplus market.  By modifying a well-known brand of servo, you get an easily reproducible gear motor (plus electronics that make it "easily" reversible.  Plus standardized mounting, mechanical, and electrical interfaces.  Plus a wide variety of mechanical attachments...)    And the price tends to be comparable to surplus gear motors with NO electronics even if you're buying your servos at retail hobby stores (and lower if you're buying cheap imported servos.)


Man, that's a long list of good reasons!   :)

I haven't done anything motorized yet.  So that's good to know for when I do.
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Wrote an easy guide for making Mystery 9g servos continous.

Since these servos are very cheap off ebay, or dealextreme.com



Heres the link for the guide:


Easy, no need for extra components. Only glue and cutting tools :)
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