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I bought a Hitech servo from a shop online... http://www.robotshop.com/hitec-hs81-servo.html
I've found all sorts of discussions online for replacing the center screw that holds the arm to the servo. However, I need to know how to actually attach something to it.
I went to ACE to try to find the right screw size to get through those holes and even their smallest one didn't fit.

Does anyone have any advice on how to attach something to this? I want to attach a flat piece of metal to it. I thought about screws for glasses but those don't have nuts so I'm not sure how to make that work anyway unless I just super glue it (not what I want to do).

Any advice? I've looked all over.


Attach the servo arm to the servo as usual, and then attach the servo arm to the flat plate?


The large online RC stores have servo horn screws for the various makes of servos (but with postage you really need to want them). As the previous post mentioned usually one would attach the piece of metal to the existing servo horn. Hot glue can be used to attach things to a servo horn and is generally removable.
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Chagrin... I think you misunderstood...your answer is so obvious that I'm not sure what you were even answering.
I'm looking for the screw size that would fit through the holes in the arms of the servo horn. Zoom, I'm going to try to check in the RC stores... do you know what they market them as? Is there a special name for them? "Servo horn screws" seem to always refer to the screw in the center that holds it in place. I'm looking for the screws that would allow me to actually attach something to it.

(I'll still try checking those stores again, I very well could have overlooked that because I don't remember seeing anything close to that)


The screw holes aren't tapped.  So you could put any size screw in it within reason.  If you have some larger screws laying around, just drill the hole out alittle.

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