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Alright, this has been a very long-term project.  This is the third hardware design I've gone through in a few years, and one that I'm really happy with.  I think this may well be one of the most advanced synths ever made with arduino.

I'll post more specific info later, but for now here's a video and a few pictures:


Every sound in that video was made real-time in one take simultaneously by a single arduino, sequenced via MIDI by my mpc.  The only external effects I used were a little bit of EQ, and some sidechain compression, with the noise channel on the synth routed from the second DAC output to the sidechain of the compressor.

Here's a random picture of it before I programmed it:

random test by beefinator, on Flickr

Here's the insides:

better synth guts by beefinator, on Flickr

I'm especially proud of the hand-wired dual-color LED Matrix display (fully functional):

ugh... by beefinator, on Flickr

More info (and more progress) to come!


That sounds great but more than anything it looks amazing.


Do you have a write up on the project anywhere ?

Duane B

Read this
then watch this



I too am very interested in a writeup of this project. Please submit one so we can glean wisdom from your efforts.

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