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I have build an Arduino on breadboard with just a crystal oscillator and reset switch. It works fine with a lot of example codes. However, I am not sure if it will work with a USB Host Shield. Besides, I also want to know what pins on the USB Host Shield is used on Arduino pins.

Thank you.


I can't be bothered searching for 'USB Host Shield' - A link would be nice.
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This shield specifically


Well I guess I won't be getting any answer. I thought my question was fairly simple and direct. I don't know if I left anything in my post.


I can't open that link, I get the message below, probably a network thing on my end.
USB Hosts are generally based on MAX3421E, which needs SPI interface. So D10,11,12,13.
You'll have to read the details of your shield to see if any signals, along with power (+5V only? +5V and +3.3V?) and Gnd are needed.
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It's just a Keyes USB Host Shield. I believe that USB Host Shield isn't any special from any other SPI device? So theoretically, it should work. But I need to buy one and give it a shot and only then I would know if it works.

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