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I ordered this Arduino clone from Ebay.  3PCS Pro Mini atmega328 Replace ATmega128 5V Module For Arduino-Compatible Nano .
I have no idea how to get started.  I purchased a 4 pin FTDI cable with the chipset in it that plugs into the USB port of my pc.  Would someone please email me a you tube video or beginner tutorial telling me what I have and what to do with it?.  lI did load the beginning program, I think.  That was from my Linux pc.  The red led stays lit and the green led blinks on and off.  I want to be able to control leds and relays with inputs from switches.  Do  I need another Arduino board to connect this to in order to control it? Brock   Please answer to email ae4gm2003@gmail.com.


Have you asked the vendor?
That's what I'd do.
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Connect cable to board, plug in to PC. Start the IDE and select Tools:Board: Promini 16 MHz 5V as the board type. Select Tools:Serial port for the adapter.
Open File:Examples:Blink sketch.
Click the Upload  button, see if works.
If not, try Nano as board type, or perhaps Uno.
If not working, go  back to seller and find out what bootloader is actually installed.
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If you are indeed using a 4-wire FTDI cable then uploads will fail for lack of the DTR/RTS auto-reset feature and you will have to master the 'well timed manual reset' to be able to perform the IDE upload function.

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