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I am using windows 10. When I am trying to connect arduino ng in port, it does not show any port.
But in device manager it shows the port number. Before that when I was using windows 8.1 same problem also happened.


I don't have problems but I gave the IDE admin priv. Worked on 8.1 and on the upgrade to 10. Are you sure your cable is good.  Might try a different USB port. I have had a cable come loose inside the case.

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I have the same problem.

with win-8.1 it's work, with the same cable and USB port,
With win-10 not work.


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I think the problem in avrdude and drivers usb - com.
If developers do not make haste with the Arduino patch.They can lose quite a few users. And as a result fall sale devices Arduino..


I found a solution. It is necessary to disable the compatibility mode Windows7

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