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I'm looking for a long range proximity sensor. I'm asking you because I can't find it in any website (maybe it doesn't exist).
I need a sensor that could measure about 150 meters (the accuracy it's not important). It's for my last year project of an automotive course.
I need also a rain sensor for arduino. I think I should buy it in a car parts store as I have a car with it.
Sorry for my English but I'm from Spain.
I hope you could help me! Thx a lot for you help!


I fear for that range either radar or an expensive laser unit is needed: http://www.micro-epsilon.co.uk/displacement-position-sensors/laser-distance-sensor/optoNCDT_ILR_1021_1101_1151/index.html - and you probably need a reflector at target too.
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If you do find a cheap and cheerful technology that does work long-distance, do come back and tell us!

Oh, rain sensing, here's one an astronomer made, might be suitable? http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/78573-simple-rain-sensor/ - though that will take a while to dry out after the rain stops, should that matter.  I vaguely recall someone here made a piezo-electric sensor for detecting raindrop impacts, maybe have a search for that.
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