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eh dont worry smoke theres 2 ways to the road ahead

you will get better


you wont, and it doesnt really matter, your not doing it for a living

2 cents though, if you haven't already, get a good soldering station, the xytronic I have costs like 45 bucks, hakko rip-offs cost about the same, and being able to get a good temp, decent tip and a much more comfortable handle will instantly improve anyone's solder skills

also dont be afraid to plant that tip on the board, if its in solid contact its not going to move ... which goes back to above, some 1/8th inch nail on a firestarter doesn't help


:D Thanks!

I will keep at it and try to do things that solder safe components and use sockets for the rest.

But I will save surface mount for after and then remember about the skillet. I worked at a plastics injection molding company, most we used melted around 400F-450F though it doesn't happen instantly.

OTOH maybe I can pass a wire through a plated hole at the edge of a Teensy, twist tight then slide some heat-shink up to insulate that. Those holes are awfully small, I just use lower-gauge wire?

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