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Back when I still had a model aero diesel engine, I was mixing fuel, 20% castor oil, 70% methanol, 10% ether, I knocked over the ether, mopped it up with a rag, left the rag on the bench...

After a while I was feeling a little "funky" and a goof I know open my shed door just as he lit a fag.

I remember this whoosh and boomph, buuga-lugs got blown across the yard and the walls of my shed has a distinct "bow" to them.

Got my first radio control a bit after that and sold my control line engines that couldn't be upgraded to have a throttle.

All the diesels went...


The heat generated from pressurized hydrogen escaping its container is enough to ignite it

Is that correct, I would have thought quite high temperatures might be needed?
You could ignite a hydrogen air mixture by compressing it, a spark would not be required.
Maybe hydrogen igniting when escaping a container could be an effect related to both temperature and pressure?

For some fun  ]:D
Fill a bucket half full with soapy water. Take an oxyhydrogen torch and adjust for a good flame. Turn the torch off without changing the mixture. Place the torch head in the bucket and pass the gas mixture through the water to produce bubbles. Once you have a good bucket full of bubbles turn the gas off and remove the torch.

Now using a lit taper on a very long pole ignite the bubbles.
Be ready for a very big bang.

It is best to do this outdoors.
If done in a large indoor space, say an aditorium or lecture hall, you can expect suspended roof tiles to be blown out of place.
Definitely don't do it in an ordinary room it could easily blow the windows out and perhaps much worse.



Very recent post - relevant to the discussion ;)


That's gung-ho! Making your own hydrogen with zinc and HCl is way more dangerous than getting a cylinder of gas.

When I've built hot air balloons, we've chased them for over an hour, retrieved, refilled, relit and relaunched them!
Some of them covered over 80km in a single flight.

As I mentioned in another thread I've been working on a tiny glider controlled with an Arduino.

Now I live in the city again I've had to stop development for a while, that and summer/fire ban season is here again.

But next winter...

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