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Hey all,

I'm trying to store arrays to a 2GB SD card which I can then access later. I am using the EtherTen 328P board which contains a microSD socket.
I am able to read/write files to the card in small testing sketches, however I have come across an issue in my main program.

My program seems to reset and start over at times when I am running my program, which I can see using the Serial Monitor. The serial port also sometimes shows garbage and random characters while running the program. Usually the program will restart midway through a Serial.Print() statement.

I am using the standard SD commands (#include <SD.h>). The arrays I am writing can be 400 bytes max.

My question is, might the SD commands be taking up too much SRAM, if I only have 2KB of it? I also read/write from the Serial often in my program, could this contribute to the issue?

My code is long and confusing, so I wont make you read through it, I'm just curious if this is a known issue.



Running out of SRAM is a known issue. It happens a lot, especially if you use a lot of strings without using the "F" function. For an example:
Code: [Select]
Serial.println("This is a string that will be put in SRAM before printing");
Serial.println(F("This string will be printed from program memory"));


Hey thanks a lot for your reply, I have not heard of using the F function when printing strings!
Much appreaciated!

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