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There are a few women around too

Yes, but the "men" were more referring to a creature with about the same shape as you without considering gender. ;D
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Been a mod. on a forum... So much for having a huge database with the knowledge of 1000 (or more) men.

Oh, you modded the "Man Forum"? I love that site!

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20 GOTO 10


There are a few women around too

i think there is only one around....
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Sadly, I do not think a Sticky Note or FAQ will cause a noticeable decrease.  It seems that in most cases the extra step of reading a paragraph or two would have eliminated the need to post the question in the first place.
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Part of the sticky should be a link imploring people to read ESR's "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way":


Heck - maybe that should just -be- the sticky...

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


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And here  is a clue about good forum behavior.

If  a poster does not get the answers they like/need/expected whatever and/or they want to argue about something... please, take it to "personal messages".

Most of us are NOT professionals or experts and our answers and comments can be <GOSH> <OMG>   wrong.  Some of us actually DO like to help answer questions though.

I'm finding it harder  to want to "post reply" though lately... since just like Mike, i feel we have a sudden glut of bad manners and impatience.



I'm finding it harder  to want to "post reply" though lately...

Yeah I have started to ignore many posts that come up on my reader feed unless it's very obvious what they want and something I can obviously help with.

Partially due to the bad style of posting but partially because I am finding that with a lot of work to do now, I do not have the time to look at them all.



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How hard can it be?

Over at avrfreaks.net there's a whole lot of sticky posts with essential information.

  • Newbie? - READ THIS FIRST
  • Upload doesn't work? - TRY THIS FIRST
  • ...

Of course all of these posts are moderated and don't just contain somebody's drivel. AND over there they just don't answer posts that don't supply a minimum amount of information. The poster is kindly (well most of the time) referred to a

---+++###:- sticky post -:###+++---

containing information on 'how to correctly ask questions'. If the OP doesn't revise his question, he won't get serviced. End of story.
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Well if the people running the forum don't want a sticky then someone should start a thread titled "How to ask a question" and everyone just link to it when someone posts.

Post: "I have a resistor sticking out of my eye. What should I do."

Reply: "Please read this first: <link> We need to know what value it is, what's connected to the other end, etc..."
10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10


It's true that :) the nature of the beauty.


And another thing why can't people post in the correct forum. Take Software-> Interfacing just under the title it states quite clearly:-
Using Arduino with other software (Processing, Flash, PD, MaxMSP, etc.)

But lately it is full of people trying to interface their arduino with hardware.  >:(


And another thing why can't people post in the correct forum. Take Software-> Interfacing just under the title it states quite clearly:-
Using Arduino with other software (Processing, Flash, PD, MaxMSP, etc.)

But lately it is full of people trying to interface their arduino with hardware.

I think the best example is the spammer who posted about a shoe website (I think it was shoes...) in the spam section  ;D



Sounds like chitchats in a teacher's lounge. I've never been to one though  ;D

We've been working hard to make this forum as good as possible. What annoys me most, besides, all the crying for help, is asking for help without telling the helpers whether the help was useful.

Kids these days are not raised to learn, just trained to be skilled workers and do paperwork. I hope we can teach them a thing or two regarding learning, at least they didn't come here because they had to. They might be willing to learn.
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From what I have observed I think the best way to avoid the posts that keep asking the same questions is to organize the wiki in a better way and also make it obvious that the wiki is there.

Personally I find it really hard to find anything in the wiki unless I have seen it before and know exactly where it is.

Also searching the forums can be pretty cumbersome because of the google search that it uses.  Google rates material very loosely when it comes to content.  They tend to favor number of views and how recent the content is.  If I post a question... then try to use the search to find an answer... usually I just get my question.  The forum search should be based solely on the forum and not include any other results.

That being said... I think some sort of quiz for new users could help filter out these repetitive questions.  If they had to answer questions about what they learned from the wiki then they might learn a little and actually figure out their answer on their own.

I haven't responded to a lot of posts recently because of the repetitiveness.  Of if I do I just tell them to search the forum for the particulars.  We can only explain a stand alone arduino so many ways... it should come up in any search at this point.
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what wiki?

there's the playground where most of it is outdated and a complete vomit of formatting

might as well be a down loadable collection of text files, and good luck

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