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What annoys me most, besides, all the crying for help, is asking for help without telling the helpers whether the help was useful.

What I find most annoying (here, and on other forums, too), is when someone asks for help (and describes the problem in detail), and then someone posts to say they'll help them, then a final post by the OP stating "thank you for the help" or "I got it to work - thank you!" - without ever stating what they did to fix the problem, or what the help is that they received to fix the problem!

I find this scenario often when I am searching for help on a variety of issues - hardware, software, PC/OS configuration, etc. Its so annoying! If they would only take a small amount of time to post what they did to fix the issue, they could help so many more people, and contribute back to this great time waster we call the internet...


I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I find this discussion very interesting. As a newbie to micros and to any forum , I have found myself guilty of a couple of the above.

I have no idea what a sticky is, and how members progress through to Gods or whatever, the help function does not mention these.

Yesterday I added to a post I made a couple of weeks back about software, and my new enquiry was about hardware for the same project.
I instantly spotted my mistake and apologised , then moved to hardware.

I do thank you guys for help I have received, and say what I did to get each project going.

I am amazed that I have managed to get 3 of my 4 first projects running, and it would not have been possible without the help of all you guys.  My code is probably a joke , but the satisfaction of seeing my first attempt, a 2 axis cnc machine,  running on my own software was unforgettable - I watched it for hours.

I think part of the frustration is the massive growth of the Arduino community itself.
It seems only a week ago we were going to hit 30,000 members, now there are 30738, that's a hundred a day, most of whom will be like kids opening their Christmas presents with this new-found portal to micros.
I for one have raved to all my electronic pals about Arduino, and I am sure they do the same, its a bit like an exponential chain letter I am afraid.

So Mike, its not just you being hit on for your knowledge and experience, as the Captain said in Jaws, " I think we need a bigger boat "

Jeff K was right when he points out that searches are rather confusing.
I have found some very helpful pages in response to a search, but can never find them again, and each "arduino" page is a different colour or style.
Some of the libraries are out of date, and I am not quite sure where to check for the latest update.

Re the "help me, how do I start " posts,  for those of us used to soldering irons instead of compilers, a lot of time could be lost by going back to square one, or changing to plan B, when an idea wasn't working.
Later on we realise we can just reload the last working sketch.

A couple of years ago on holiday in Ireland, we stopped at a rural shop to ask directions , and the owner said " You want to go to Cork ?  to be sure I wouldn't have started from here ! "

So sometimes we ask for a little pointer to see which road you experienced guys would start out on, instead of starting off on a stupid attempt.

Just my 10 cents worth, thanks again for all the help.

45 years of editing projects with a knife and soldering iron, then I found Arduino !


there's the playground where most of it is outdated and a complete vomit of formatting

Lets be honest, there has been quite a bit of it that has now been updated with the new design but I have to agree that quite a lot of it still has errors and does need a proper update/re-doing...




Our new members tried to twitt..at arduino forum.I guess..just guess.


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