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This is just an announce and/or a request for anyone who's interested in this to test...

Here's the link: https://github.com/urjaman/fast-usbserial

It should be capable of 2Mbaud full-duplex and be otherwise compatible with eg. the firmware on the Arduino Uno R3's ATmega16U2. I havent tested on any 8U2 but it is small enough to fit.

(Just so if you didnt know: the normal firmware (Arduino-usbserial) isnt even capable of clean 115200 full duplex...)

I've posted about this on the Arduino developers group but that seems to be stuck in moderation queue, and anyways i'd like to let both users and them know, so this is the announce for users who are savvy enough to mess with the firmware on the *U2.

Sorry if wrong section, i couldnt really find one that was a better fit.

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