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I'm not sure which was the most painful between following 2 experience of mine.
I like working in the garden and I like sharp tools. So the inevitable happened with an axe and fingers being to close to each other.
1 finger had the joint cut open. You could look at it.
The 2 other were less damaged 1 had 3 tendons cut the other only 2 tendons. It took weeks for the pain to be acceptable.

The second was an infection in the knee cause by a knee doctor with a injection needle. It got all infected and puss kept coming out of the needle prick hole. I went to the hospital a couple of times. It looks to me as if I'm to hard and they didn't take it seriously.
At the last visit I had pushed most of the pus out of the knee and I told the doctor I didn't care about another cut in my knee. So he agreed to open up the knee. I was flat on the table and he put in a injection to anesthetize. I think I hit the ceiling when he made the first prick :smiley-eek:. I think this was the point when they realized it was for real  ]:D
So he cut without anesthetize. 8)
That was the cut of relieve.
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Broken tibia / fibula.  Soccer is a harsh mistress.  The full-leg cast from my toes to my groan for 13 weeks is proof.


Crashed motorcycle at about 70mph+, received road rash on right leg side of calf, knees, butt cheek and a little on lower back. Bloodied right pinky toe, both palms, and one finger.

Had to wrap right leg for two months. Hardest part was taking showers and attempting to clean the wounds, it is like having a big cut that hurts when it gets wet.

I had a helmet and leather jacket on. Helmets work! I did not get a concussion and had no broken bones! I wish I had leather pants on but, that's my fault.


This is a tough one..

Maybe the second time I was electrocuted? Paramedic must have done a dance on my chest and one finger nail pretty much blown off.

Third time I was electrocuted, it was a big old lab strobe, sore chest again, but the lump on the back of my head where I hit the wall hurt.

Or having 350 V8 crash down on my hand when the "good quality" chain block broke, fire rescue took an hour to get me out of that engine bay.

The bovine that messed me up last year was pretty bad, 3 broken ribs, concussion, my normal 40 minute walk took about 6 hours.

And let's not forget the second time I was on fire!
When the Doc says "it's just superficial burns" it doesn't mean it aint gunna hurt for weeks...

Did someone allude to passing a kidney stone?
Been there, wasn't as bad as some boyz make it to be!

Fun times...


LOL - and ouch to all involved :O

Kidney Stones, although just as painful as giving birth (apparently)... it simply does not provide enough kick to be the most painful experience on record lol

- a Bovine assaulted you? were you cow tipping at the time? lol

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