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Re: Model aircraft propellers and adjusting mixture

Remember when using a PUSHER PROP the airflow will pull your sleeve through, not blow it back.


Like an idiot i had the engine in front of me and i meant to reach round but instead went for the direct aproach through the prop


WAs finishing up changing the rear tire on my old Gold Wing Motorcycle. It is easier if you put the center stand up on a couple blocks. Got all done and was pushing the bike off the center stand, Oh, the side stand was out because I had parked the bike on the side stand before I pulled it up on the center stand, and when I pushed it off the center stand the side stand came down perfectly centerred on my big toe on my left foot. Somehow I didn't drop the bike, but I stood there and cried....

For some reason, ever since, I always kicked the side stand up when I did that...


Slammed a car door shut once and started to walk away. Somebody pulled me back, I looked round, nobody there.
Then I realised the car door was properly shut and my fingers were inside the door. No pain, no feeling, fingers inside the door!

It was a shock and I was fearful what I would find when I opened the door. Plucked up courage, opened door, fingers bloodied and crushed but all there and bones intact. It was a tad painful when the door opened but the relief of not seeing fingers dropping on the ground was overwhelming.

Have been less careless with my extremities since then.


Hmm, theres so many.....

Probably the worst was when a crane operator wasn't paying attention and yanked me up in the air with a roof truss (I was on the tag-line). Worst. Rope. Burn. Ever. Tore my leather gloves to shreds and I couldn't close my fists for a few days. Also got knocked off a roof (by a truss), had some pipe staging fall out from under me, got shot with a nail gun, and fell through a stair hole. Never broken a bone, and never been to a hospital.


I couldn't close my fists for a few days.

So how did you deal with the crane operator :)

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Your MOST painful accident/event!

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another one I remembered,

walking along a main road that borders a golf course, I got hit on the side of my knee by a golf ball, 150 metres from the tee.
I thought I'd been shot with a .22, made the same noise a round makes when it hits a rabbit, that and it hurt like hell.
Guy saunters up, says,
"Seen my ball?'
After slight pause,
"Uh, yeah, sorry I hit ya"

And walked away


you should stay indoors more lol

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