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Hello!I make a simple application in Netbeans with Java2ME to control my arduino ( led on/off ) with my old java mobile phone Sony Ericsson W995 as gprs/3g shield.I believe work with all Sony Ericsson (JP-7,JP-8) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Ericsson_Java_Platform and with all Java mobile phones if you send the correct AT command for connect with virtual port.My java code for phone is here ...
http://webgsmremotecontrol.webs.com/.You must need read first this : http://projects.sindrelindstad.com/how-to-led-arduino-php-proc/.For SE java here...http://www.bombus-im.org/docs/dg_java_me_r20a.pdf .


Hello.My first test was with usb cable with my pc and PuTTY (COM 15 for me) with Sony Ericsson W995.Today open bluetooth PC and mobile phone and type AT*SEJCOMM=1,1 and work fine with bluetooth without cable.I use BlueSoleil Serial Port Services.I believe i can use my phone as BT shield for communication with more arduinos BT.(Network with arduino BT).My or your phone has GPS,camera,motion sensor,clock,calendar,sd card,voice,audio,sms,mms,e-mail ... with suitable program javame can work these.Thanks.


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Software: I use for java2me HttpConnection interface and CommConnection interface.For arduino code you must use serial and AT commands.
Hardware: Connect arduino serial Tx,Rx with  mobile phone cable...example with old sony ericson k700.For new phones example SE W995 you must use usb shield...
Read Google : Arduino serial connect usb mobile phone...Another option is connect with bluetooth...working on these and i will have the solution (java and arduino code) soon.Thanks.

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