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Hi all!
I want to decode the aiken biphase signal  that comes from a magnetic head into raw binary data.
If that is possible i prefer the attiny85.
I do not have any idea about how can i make that, so first of all please let me know if that is possible or not, and in case that is possible, please give me a simple example.


Not sure of exactly what you are working with (data speeds, etc), but here is a good write up from Atmel that includes examples for decoding Manchester and Biphase signals:



Thank you very much!

Hope that will help me.

Thanks again.

Nick Gammon

Link to what that signal is?

Link to "a magnetic head" you are planning to use?


Didn't you ask this same question in the programming section?
Per Arduino ad Astra

Nick Gammon

Yes he did.

@saprodx : Please don't cross post!

You get some people answering in one thread, and some in another. It wastes time.

Threads merged.


I am sorry for posting the same thing in another section, but i am new to this forum, and i didn't know where to post this so i get get help.
Yes, the signal comes from a magnetic head.
Thank's all.

Nick Gammon


The magnetic head is an ordinary one, it can be also a magnetic head from a tape audio player.

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