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Folks, my old books are no longer valid.

They have chips in them which aren't available and there are new chips which aren't listed.

I want a BCD - 7 segment display driver.

I am going for a 4056.

I hope that drives "common cathode" displays.

Of course the next problem is (though I think I have nutted it out) the 7 segment display I have.

It has 4013 stamped on the side of it.  It has 10 pins.  Counting them the way you do an IC, I have determined:
1 - cathode.
2 -> 5, 8 -> 10 are the display and 7 is the RIGHT decimal point.

Pin 6 doesn't seem to be used though there is a LEFT decimal point.

I guess if running on 12v I will need 150 ohm resistors between the 4056 and the display?

Runaway Pancake

I am going for a 4056.
I hope that drives "common cathode" displays.

There's no hoping in electronics.

A 4511 will do for common-cathodes.
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Hey, it's "bipolar transistor" or "junction transistor" - "BJT" is just stupid.


4056 - I think that chip is specially for LCDs rather than LEDs - you need a higher current output for LEDs, the 4511 is one I used in a previous universe(!) for common-cathode displays.  Latches and does bcd -> 7seg
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Yeah, sorry as I think I said, my "data books" are from the 80's.

Shall have to look around a bit more.

So I shall be using a 4511.


The "4013" marking might be related to a Fairchild FLB4013X1 - 2" by 1.2" large 7-seg display with 4 digits?  The best my web search found.
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