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I can't get wire with pins because the length is not standard in my project...

this is the cable i want to buy http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=3030 ....

Put some solder on the end to join the strands together into something stiffer.

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Ok i will cancel the order and i will buy a utp 24 AWG ..... thanks for the advice all of you


In my experience 24Ga. works the best. 22Ga is a 'bit' too big although it will work and 26Ga tends to be noisy because it rarely fits tightly... especially if the female has been "Stretched" by a standard Square Pin (.025" Sq). THere is a "Breadboard" style of PCB available from Adafruit that is unique. It has a standard breadboard hole pattern and bottom connectivity identical to a breadboard and it is gold plated too. Complete your breadboard and finalize positions of components and wiring them transfer the components, one at a time to the "PCB" and solder them down. The finished product is identical to the breadboard without the "Added" capacity of the wire clips proximity to each other. The boards come in 1/4, 1/2 and full size 830 point PCB's. 3 to a pack, white in color and IMO well worth the money for a one of a kind circuit. I bought 3 of the full sized boards and I will be using them for sensor mounting and interfacing to my various Arduino's. I can also solder headers to stack boards or whatever I need to Add to a design, like headers for radio's or GPS or ...

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I picked up a bunch of new breadboards when I started messing with microcontrollers and I'm a bit surprised but I have very, very few problems with them. That could well change once they have 100,000 miles on them.

I've got about a half mile of CAT-5 cable around, so I use a lot of that (24 ga).

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