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Jun 02, 2015, 11:07 pm Last Edit: Jun 02, 2015, 11:08 pm by spurga_91
I have a question about a Contributed library. When I was installed a contributed library, it was normal, i can see in library, and this library is installed in a library menager, but, when I call this library, etc: #include <VirtualWire.h>, there is no orange color, text is no painted in any color. Is this normal, are this library working or not, or it library working fine, but no color.


The colours you see and the words they apply to are defined in a file named keywords.txt in the library folder.  If this file is missing then there will be no colours displayed.  However, this makes no difference at all to the operation of the library.

To make things worse any words in any keywords.txt files will be coloured whether or not the library relating to the file is include in the program or not.
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Colors come from the keyword.txt file inside a library folder. It is not mandatory to have that file in a library. A library can function just fine without, it's just for the looks.

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