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Yeah it truly is unique to every setup.  I noticed I made a mistake in my post above, I said 50MHz to 2.2MHz, that should be 2.2GHz :).  I think an SDR would be good enough to analyse the noise floors and RF output of all of the components for both of my frequencies in use, from there I guess I will have to look for problems then work on fixing them!  I am thinking good filtering caps on power and toroids should be sufficient to keep EMI away?

I will also use my DSO Nano to look at any potential issues in power rails too, though I doubt it is going to show me anything high frequency though. 


or rather the lack of engineering methods being applied.

Presumably he's trying to reproduce a commercial product (http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_66_71&products_id=1037 ) at a lower cost.  No engineering need be involved, or so the theory goes.


That is correct I am trying to do the same product as above, at least if it is worth it to do so anyway!  It's open hardware to begin with, they just don't state what part that inductor is.


At 1.2GHz a toroidal inductor isn't a great idea - you have to keep the ends of the coil apart otherwise you may have too much stray capacitance in parallel with the inductor - a toroid brings the ends together. Even 1pF of stray capacitance is an astonishingly low impedance of 130 ohms at 1.2GHz...
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