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Topic: Analog PINS reading IR sensors giving me strange data... not sure why??? (Read 925 times) previous topic - next topic


Hmmm guess your right but I thought the arduino limited the current draw to 40ma so it seemed that the internal resistance would put me there.

Nope, the fact that more then 40ma current flowing out an output pin can damage the pin is why AVR stated the absolute safe maximum current value of 40ma. There is no automatic limiting that kicks in at 40ma or above, hence the caution that pin damage will happen at or above that value.

The use of digital pins to drive the LEDs might be a bad idea anyways ill do a resistor and run them straight from the power source... Power supplies are not an option but higher mAh batteries are...

Still hopefully someone has some ideas as to why the data changes mid program...  I appreciate the electronic advice but the values change precisely at the same part of the program and by the same value increments...

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