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The Situation: We have a 22" Asus monitor that we wanted to wall mount in our nursery and use as a TV.  It has an HDMI input, and built in speakers, so we thought this would be perfect with a ROKU box on it.

The Problem: There is no remote for this monitor (it never had one).  The monitor is being mounted across the room, and it is inconvenient to walk across the room to push the volume/power buttons.

The Solution: Take apart the monitor and add in an Arduino controlled IR receiver; basically turn it into a Sony (compatible) TV.

Resources & Credits:


Taking apart the monitor, and getting access to the buttons.


I used an old USB header cable for connecting the power supply and buttons. 
Once opened, I found a 5v supply in the monitor - I just tapped into that for powering the Arduino.


I used an old 3-pin fan cable from a computer to wire up the IR sensor, I just plugged this straight into a header that I soldered on the board.

You can see the whole assembly here.  It is attached to power from the monitor, there are 3 transistors wired out to control the buttons on the monitor, and the IR sensor is attached at the base.


Here I drilled a hole in the side of the monitor for the IR sensor to poke through.

I carved out a bit of plastic from the inside to make the sensor fit better. 

I also drilled a couple of small holes for mounting the board to the inside of the monitor.

You can see how everything is mounted from inside.

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