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Good Day Masters, I'm new to Arduino and I have a project that should detect metallic objects.
I bought an inductive sensor(Omron E2E-X5ME1), and I would just want to ask for ideas, or sample calculation or sample code to detect if an object is metallic or not.
I really need it badly.
Thanks a lot in advance!


BTW this is the datasheet of the sensor

Sensing Distance:   5 mm   
Supply Voltage:   24 V   
Output Configuration:   NPN   
Maximum Output Current:   200 mA   
Operating Supply Voltage:   12 V to 24 V   
Output Voltage:   2 V

I wish someone could help me in installation and coding. Thanks alot. God Bless!


So this is a 3-wire sensor, ground, supply and an open-collector output (as far as I can see).  I suggest powering it at 12V, and running a 1k resistor from its output to 5V rail.

Before connecting to Arduino check that the output switches from about 5V (no metal present) to about 0V (metal present) - any voltage higher than 5V means I'm wrong about its connection - don't connect it to Arduino!
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