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Did you people can tell me where is the most  Cheapest Electronic Store ??






E-bay, for "common" things. For everything else, you need to get a list together and shop around - there are many great online surplus retailers out there, and some manufacturers will sell direct (in fact, there are a few chinese manufacturers that sell direct - even in 1-2s quantities - but generally only things like LCDs and motors).

Ultimately, the best deal will come from getting a large enough list of items together, then shopping around for the best deal (and breaking the order up if need be). This takes time, and can be a slog, but you might find it interesting to see what different places mark up the same item. A spreadsheet is handy for this task.

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Your unused electronic parts.Gone to surplus or flea market.



If only there were surplus and flea markets in Portugal..  :'(



After getting gouged on price for things I needed too many times by retailers like Radio Shack (FIVE resistors for a buck!), I got a little smarter and went up on ebay and bought some bulk packs from China of a number of components.. you just need to not mind waiting for them to show up.  Three weeks to get a resistor assortment in, but it was also 2500 resistors, fifty each of the fifty most common values, carbon film 5%... for $4.99 including shipping from an outfit in Taiwan.  Did the same with a ceramic capacitor assortment (1000 pcs assorted), "generic" small-switching NPN and PNP transistors (100 pcs each).  I'm planning to search out if anyone sells a basic "must have" IC assortment- op amp, comparator, shift register, blah blah blah, in like 10 of each.  I've also seen some of these vendors also sell small servo motors for as little as a buck each.

I've found if you are willing to wait, the online stuff on ebay cannot be beat!


I've found if you are willing to wait, the online stuff on ebay cannot be beat!

I completely agree with this statement.  I was shocked to find out how many amazing deals are available on eBay on basic components.

Just recently I bought a 16x2 LCD for $4 shipped.  
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LCD on ebay. search "great deals on ebay" on the forum. There was a post a while ago. One seller from China managed to get the LCD to me (US) in 7 days. Other parts, ebay is ok but specific stuff you will need to buy from larger suppliers. I hate them all. I'm still waiting for my stuff from allied electronics after 20 days. There is one back order item, just a damn box, took this long and yet to see it arrive in the mail.

If I want stuff quicker than 3 weeks, I buy from dipmicro.com from Canada, takes 2-5 days, on or off ebay on its own website.

The weird thing, I really really wanted a green LED, for some reason I didn't have one bright enough. Paid premium at radioshack store and it's been almost 2 months, the LED is still sitting in its unopened package.

Try to avoid impulsive purchase and plan on what you need before you buy.
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you know I inquired about something from allied's website well over a year ago, and last week I received 5 cold calls from them

now in fairness I only was able to pick up 1, my cellphone is in a dead zone (stupid ATT) at work but really?

besides they are one of the most expensive big box suppliers out there (even nudging out jameco)

I dont like dealing with ebay, but have scored some good stuff, my pile o matrices some random basic parts, and that is where I learned about sure electronics, they had a eblah clearance sale on some scope probes right when I got my scope with no probes, yea it took 3 weeks but 17.99 + free shipping on a pair of (not stellar awesome but more than decent) hp knockoff 100mhz probes is hard to rip on


ebay is usually cheapest if you can find what you want on there, but sometimes you have to go a big store like farnell for specialist stuff (even if they have sent me the IC before...).


If only there were surplus and flea markets in Portugal..  

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