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An Arduino developer has committed a fix for the TCP server hang-up issue! You'll have to grab it off of github and flash your shield. I haven't tested it yet, but I'll flash it in a couple hours and update this thread.



I am glad we are starting to see some movement with the firmware!   :)

Hopefully the Arduino developers will still provide (shortly) the project files and / or instructions for building the firmware.

Although the issue was written against the server mode, my comments [listed above and in the github issue] reflect that the disconnect problem will happen (in client mode) when tcp_poll_retries is > 8 (so 9) in atcp_poll_conn.

So, I expect the problem with idle disconnect is still present with the client mode of operation.

I will not be able to test this until much later today (at the earliest).

If anyone has a chance to test the client mode for this issue on the new firmware, please do so.



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Sounds good. I did flash the new firmware and I've tested the server side of it and it appears to have fixed the server hanging up if the server doesn't send data for ~10-12 seconds. It also seems to have fixed the issue with the wifi connection being lost and it reconnecting, only to have the server be in a zombie state. I'll do more testing later today. I didn't get a chance to test multiple socket connections to the server though. This is nice, as already I'm not relying on the self-reset circuit I added and can take that digital I/O pin back, as I need it for something else.

The developers should be able to provide some documentation on importing the firmware in to eclipse so the we can start fixing this stuff on our own. I'm currently waiting on a response from them. Hopefully within the next day or so.


I want to make my board function as both web client and web server . So I combine "WifiWebServer" and "WifiWebClient" together. I used "WifiWebServer" as the base code. Tested it and it worked well. Then I add the following code just before server.begin():
WiFiClient client;
client.connect(someAddr, 80);
However, this time, the web server cannot respond to any request.


I also have troubles with my official Arduino Wifi Shield.
How to I upgrade to the newest firmware?I have never tried this before.


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