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is there an update to USB keyboard libs for the Due USB host port (HID, stdin), like on Raspberry Pi or on Windows PCs?

is there meanwhile a reasonable USB keyb lib available feat. standard C keyboard functions (stdin) like e.g.



currently the implementation of the USB.task is really weird, keyPressed and keyReleased don't return anything and it's totally osbscured how and when they do either or anything meaningful,
currently it's not even possible to indicate if a key was hit at all or not (like provided by kbhit() ),
usb.Task has to be called repeatedly but then blocks program execution intermediately and repeatedly for many seconds (which is unconscionable in the main loop() but shockingly also hinders different additional Scheduler multitasking threads ).


looks and sounds as if the DUE finally has been abandoned by Arduino.cc (or at least is  treated more than stepmotherly)

:( :(


Greetings to all.
@ josheeg i want to find eigen values and eigen vector of complex matrix in arduino. And don't know how to do that . I have downloaded your eigen library and also the one that is available at github,,

Actually i am converting a matlab code to arduino . I am using arduino due board . Below is the sample code of matlab that i want to convert in arduino
 [V,Dia] = eig(Rxx);
[Y,Index] = sort(diag(Dia));
EN = V(:,Index(1:6-1));

Rxx is complex matrix of 6x6. I have created this matrix in arduino using complex.h library. Now i have to find eigen values and eigen vectors of this matrix. So what should i do ,can any one help?

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