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This diagram is now superceeded by the excellent and highly detailed DUE pinouts diagram by Graynomad

Colors indicate comparison to the Mega2560 which has a similar shield connector pinout. Green means the same as Mega2560. Red is for warnings. Orange shows new functionality:

  • JTAG and SWD headers for debugging

  • DAC outputs

  • CAN bus

  • Two USB ports

  • erase switch

Please ignore the interrupt pins for now, these are not implemented in 1.5 but are planned for 1.5.1 so I will leave them where they are for the moment and revise when 1.5.1 comes out.

revision 2: correct labelling of USB ports, SPI not ICSP header.
revision 3: label JTAG and SWD pins, call out 16U2 ICSP (thanks to PeterVH)

The definitive source remains the official Arduino Due hardware page. This pinout photo overlay is just for convenience.


Oct 22, 2012, 02:11 pm Last Edit: Oct 22, 2012, 06:29 pm by Nantonos Reason: 1
OK, on further reading, the ICSP port is now called the SPI port because it is no longer used for programming, just for communication. Hmm. Edit: Maybe that explains why there is no ICSP header for the 16U2 that drives the USB Programming port. There is, its just moved relative to the Mega, as neuromancer2701 points out.

Its not clear what is driving the USB Native/USB Host port.


  How do you determine which pins sink/source the two figures you have quoted for pin current ?

Duane B


  How do you determine which pins sink/source the two figures you have quoted for pin current ?

Good question. the Due page is vague:

Each pin can provide (source) a current of 3 mA or 15 mA, depending on the pin, or receive (sink) a current of 6 mA or 9 mA, depending on the pin.


There is a 6 pin ICSP header right next to the 16U2 that can be used to flash it.  What about the MacB connector on the schematic?  It is not laid out on the pcb?  Anyone know the point of that?
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