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Actually if you look at the broken out pic of the ICSP header you can see a dot, I assume that's on the real PCB. I'm not sure what you mean about pins50 and 52, they are labelled on the photo.

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the one broken out is the new spi, that has the dot, but the icsp for the atmega, the small one, does not have an dot.
And if you look at the picture on the mega, that I refered to, you see that grey marking, where text for two of the spi's are.
Yes, everyone can see number 50 and 52.. but I don't see the text there as I found on the mega picture.

Edit: now I found it, it's broken out under the picture, no not, but the pins are there. That's good.


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I found the atmega pinout after rummaging through these forums:

Yes, these would be easier to find if they were sticky.

and the atmega's icsp, there are no dot on the pcb to tell its orientation, did anyone find out how it's oriented?

There is a dot on the pcb and also a mark on the photo (maybe it should be made more obvious though) and the pinouts are correct for that orientation.


Yes, everyone can see number 50 and 52.. but I don't see the text there as I found on the mega picture.

Yes, you are right. I remember now tht I didn't like the clarity of the text on the Mega picture (because it is on top of the PCB) and meant to do it in a clearer way for the Due.


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