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Is there a way to calculate distance moved based on original positioning without utilizing odometry?

If there was an easy way, you would already see lots of projects using it. 
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I saw this update - then saw my comments - and now I'm going to comment some more!

If you want to learn and understand how SLAM works, and how WAVEFRONT (and other such methods of route planning, like A* and such) work - I suggest you take this course:


I signed up for it not long after my last post (April 16th, 2012); I completed it and got my certificate on June 14th - I don't consider myself an expert on SLAM, but I had a fun time, and now know much more than I did then! I also learned that I really need a follow up course on probabilities and statistics!

Yes - it is very complicated - but it was worth all the effort, hours and tears I put into it. Between it and the Machine Learning class I took last year (which you can still take via Coursera, I think) - they are both some of the best resources out there for learning and applying artificial intelligence.

I'm afraid there aren't any shortcuts to this process - but there is still a very wide open field and lots of potential applications to apply such learning and skills toward!
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