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I am a private pilot and would like to listen to music on my long cross country flights.  It is absolutely critical that the music is squelched when audio is received on the primary input from the plane's headphone jack.  Is it possible or necessary to use an arduino to mux the two lines and output the audio?


In audio land, this is often done with a sidechain compressor where when Important Audio comes through it triggers the compressor and crushes the Non-Important Audio.  It works fairly well and is entirely analog (or it could be digital). 

With that said, I don't see why activity going two a few pins on the Arduino couldn't disable other pins.  I'm very new to Arduino, but I've got a suspicion that the Arduino could do exactly what you need.

Obviously, this would be need to be heavily tested and setup where the default setting is your plane radio(s) in the event of power failure.


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You can search on google with "Voice Over schematics" or "Talkover schematics".


I think I have solved my problem,  I'm using the arduino to sense a change in the primary audio line and drive a DPDT relay to switch between audio channels.  Should I connect all the sleeves to ground or is it ok to leave the sleeve's "floating", I wanted to keep the system as isolated as possible from the rest of the plane.  I connected the sleeve from the plane to AGND, and the tip to A5.  Will this cause any problems?


can you post a schema of your work ? (even draw on a piece a paper).

so from we can answer you.

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Sorry, it took so long.  Here is my schematic.  I have connected the sleeve from the plug i want to sense to AGND (pin 22) since the tip is the positive side of the signal, that is connected to A5 (pin 28).  It would make my board layout so much simpler if i could connect AGND to GND, but I want to make sure I keep the signals isolated from the rest of the system.


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