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Topic: ILI9341(new)SPI library for Due supporting DMA transfer(Uno, Mega,.. compatible) (Read 18955 times) previous topic - next topic


I just got a working but quick and dirty MFC version of ILIScreenshotViewer.exe

And it *is* a lot more code !

I will now work on the binary screenshot (vs ASCII coded). I had to slightly modify your lib : it sends ASCII messages, useful only for console debuging. So I have one more suggestion.

In ILI9341_due.h, please add this :

#define ILI9341_DUE_VERBOSE

and modify the function :


Code: [Select]

bool ILI9341_due::begin(void)


#ifdef ILI9341_DUE_VERBOSE
uint8_t x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDMODE);
Serial.print(F("\nDisplay Power Mode: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);
x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDMADCTL);
Serial.print(F("MADCTL Mode: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);
x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDPIXFMT);
Serial.print(F("Pixel Format: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);
x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDIMGFMT);
Serial.print(F("Image Format: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);
x = readcommand8(ILI9341_RDSELFDIAG);
Serial.print(F("Self Diagnostic: 0x")); Serial.println(x, HEX);

        more code...


so ASCII initialization messages can easily be disabled...


I have extracted the status info into a separate getDisplayStatus function and extended its output:
Code: [Select]
Display Power Mode: 0x9C
  Booster: On and working OK
  Idle Mode: Off
  Partial Mode: Off
  Sleep Mode: Off
  Display Normal Mode: On
  Display: On
MADCTL Mode: 0x48
  Top to Bottom
  Right to Left
  Reverse Mode
  LCD Refresh Top to Bottom
  LCD Refresh Left to Right
Pixel Format: 0x5
  16 bits/pixel
Image Format: 0x0
  Gamma curve 1
Display Signal Mode: 0x0
  Tearing effect line: Off
  Tearing effect line: mode 1
  Horizontal sync: Off
  Vertical sync: Off
  Pixel clock: Off
  Data enable: Off
Self Diagnostic: 0xC0
  Register Loading: working
  Functionality: working


Great !

Here are some more compatible fonts I found on the web. Byte arrays declarations have been slightly modified to avoid warnings. Maybe you could add them to your library ?

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