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Hello everyone,

What are your recommendations for an easy to do audio spectrum analyzer project using an LCD?  I've searched the forum and found a few varieties of LCD spectrum analyzers but I could use some guidance as to which to chose as my first project of this type.  I'm looking to use a simple LCD like a 16x2 or a 20x4, something along those lines.  I'm a bit more concerned with speed than accuracy as I'd be happy with something that looks cool.  Another concern is that I'd prefer something that runs on an arduino UNO s that's the arduino I have.

What are your recommendations?  Your advise is highly appreciated, thank you.



  I'm looking to use a simple LCD like a 16x2 or a 20x4, something along those lines. 

I would imagine an LCD with more graphics capability would be more appropriate - like the Nokia 5110. They are much the same price as a 16x2.


A more traditional display would use bar graph LEDs.  If you search for "led bar graph" on eBay, you'll find that you can get them for about $2/each.  Especially if you buy 10 at a time.  A little more for the tricolor displays.  You'll need to use some type of driver to provide the required current,  Using Maxim 7219/7221 LED drivers is one approach.

I made an Arudino based graphic display using an MSGEQ7 seven band graphic equalizer IC and bar graph LEDs.  Then I found prebuilt 32 by 32 display boards.  This display is more expensive (about $80) but my infant grandson, my dog and I can watch it by the hour.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/32-32-large-screen-RGB-Audio-LED-Level-Meter-display-Spectrum-Analyzer-for-amp-/301355719335?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item462a335aa7


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Thank you for your replies,  The reason I want to use a 16x2 display is that it's what I'm most familiar with at the moment.  Also I'd like to display text on it once I'm a bit more knowledgeable as to how it works.  Basically I'm looking for a project I can build on rather than one that will have only one purpose.   Ultimately maybe take what I learn there and build an mp3 player or something like that.

Here's a couple videos showing pretty much exactly what I want to do.



I'm not looking for anything that will show something super accurate but at least show a cool bar graph to go along with the audio.  I'm a newbie so I'll definitely need some help!

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