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I will try Ucglib with a 1.44" display.    I think that Sumotoy's library works fast enough.

It looks as if I will have to write another GLUE class to run Adafruit methods on a Ucglib object.

Meanwhile,  you should be using the hardware SPI:
Code: [Select]

Ucglib_ILI9163_18x128x128_HWSPI ucg(9, 10, 8);



With hardware SPI it has doubled the performance, is now acceptable.
In any case, since the performance are comparable, I prefer the sumotoys libs because I have not to rewrite all the software I have for Adafruit libs.
I think that UGC libs are cool for people that need nice fonts and/or are going to draw complex shapes.
Arduino, what else?


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I am going to the pub.

I will do the GLUE tomorrow.  I strongly suggest that you choose one popular style of graphics class.   e.g. UTFT, Adafruit, Ucglib, ...

Then stick to it.   If necessary,  write a GLUE class that lets you "glue" a different library to your standard methods.

It will drive you mental if you try hand-editing code to suit different methods.



I am going to the pub.
Good idea! Have a nice evening.

I will stay with Adfruit/style libs. I don't need sophisticated graphics for my project. My primary goal is to reduce the sketch size as much as I can. So light libs are a must in my case.
Arduino, what else?

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